you know, i’ve always wondered for some tumblr posts where there are rampant typos; do people typo on purpose? for like, comedic effect? or is the need to type at the speed of light without proofreading just something many tumblr users have in common

mainly wondering because i see a lot of similar phrases typo’d almost exactly the same?? and also said phrases lose their funniness when they’re actually spelled correctly so yeah

it’s kinda funny how most of the cartoon groovies of Dexter’s Laboratory are rap/hiphop songs. i don’t know if those artists were just commissioned to write a song or if they just are fans of the show ( which would be strangely cute and makes me wonder how big of a fan demographic the show had amongst that crowd….)

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Finished marathoning Nodame Cantabile. It’s a really good shoujo series! The way Nodame and Chiaki’s relationship progressed is definitely not something I’ve seen done much in shoujo. It felt very much like a slow romance where Chiaki just slowly fell in love with Nodame, but it all happens very quietly, like there’s no clear point where Chiaki just decided that he did love Nodame too. ‘Scuuuute! Kinda sad that there’s no more, I would’ve actually like to see them get married as opposed to just the casual proposal.

Does anyone else know of any good shoujo series where the female protagonist is just really stupid, silly and funny? I’ve already read Oresama Teacher and Power so something like those would be nice….

Every time I listen the 2nd OP for JoJo (Bloody Stream), I just imagine it’s Joseph singing it while doing a sexy dance. I’m not alone in at least thinking that the singer’s voice would fit Joseph really well too, (or maybe Josuke) right????

Just watched The Incredible Hulk (2008) movie for the first time, and it was…. cheesy? I guess? I wanted to laugh at some points that were probably supposed to be serious, like when Bruce was sitting in tattered clothing on a street corner while sad violin music started playing. I also didn’t care much for the dialogue. Just felt rather bland? I thought Bruce could have been smarter, or gone on a few science-y tangents. That would’ve been fun.

Also I thought it was interesting how different the two Hulks look like between this movie and the Avengers. Norton!Hulk is much thinner with a slimmer face and also flat hair whereas Ruffalo!Hulk is much bulkier with a squarish face and also black short curly hair. I like Ruffalo’s Hulk a lot more hehehehe.

:V Favorite part of the movie is probably Tony showing up at the end though. Could not stifle the giggles that escaped me…..

Also I kinda want to draw Tony with Edward Norton!Bruce and Mark Ruffalo!Bruce at his side teeheehehehehe

I finished watching Life On Mars, and now listening to the song makes me feel feel mellow and kinda melancholy….. ;n;

I seriously recommend the show though, it’s really good!! UK version to be exact, tried the US one and that had me cringing way too much. John Simm is also really adorableeeee

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Been on a Terry Pratchett binge the past two weeks, which was spent reading the Johnny Maxwell and Tiffany Aching series.

I adore how he writes about supernatural experiences, and his interpretation and twists on them. Everything just feels so awe-inspiring and profoundly sad, and every time I read through those passages, I feel as if I’ve just learned a deeply important secret.

Then I feel kinda dumb ‘cause they’re supposed to be for kids, but then I’m like NO, IT’S TERRY PRATCHETT, IT’S PERFECTLY OKAY TO FEEL LIKE THIS!!! And then I continue on reading….