My second favorite piece from Nier is Emil’s theme! It’s just so wonderful and it makes me feel sad whenever I hear it….

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Some old drawings of Nier that I drew a while ago.

Nier has one of my favorite sountracks to a videogame ever! The Shadowlord track in particular is faaantastic, so here’s an awesome cover of it by RÄFVEN.


I am selling my Foxhound stickers and an array of my drawings as 4x6” prints.

Foxhound stickers are $1 each, and for every 5 that you buy, you’ll receive 1 free!

Prints are $2 each, and 3 for $5. The incomplete MGS ABC series is $10 for letters A-G!

If you’re interested in buying, please send an email to sirius_theblackdog @ with the heading “Buying stickers and/or prints”, and tell me which prints you’re interested in buying through the number that I’ve assigned each one, and the quantity you’d like of both prints and stickers.

Shipping is a flat rate of $2 for USA and Canada and $3 overseas. I am accepting payments through Paypal only!

Nier dressed as old Akagi.

Nier dressed as old Akagi.

Jotaro dressed as (Father) Nier.

Jotaro dressed as (Father) Nier.