Trespasser in palette #9

more color meme stuff uou sexy/fashionable Newt in palette #12

3rd set of color meme stuff

for top pic, requestor asked for an original jungle-themed/inspired kaiju!

next set of color meme pics! 

:Y here’s a photoset of the first batch of drawings

i’ll do more tonight or tomorrow idk

zetarays said: for the color meme - Slattern, 12!

uou combined these two since #4 is pretty popular

science666 said: draw otachi with #11 0_0

cypress-tree said: k-scout newt in #4 please??? :3

geizler said: baby otachi in #3 :-)


sorry for boring head shots, will try to come up with better compositions later….

levycas said: Feral!Newt in 12 or Meathead in 18?



uvu I drew a pic for Shikino who asked for Newt and Hermann wearing the pictured outfits and on a date heehehehe

more outfits for newt ufufufu

uou Newt on the helicopter trip back to the Shatterdome after drifiting with Hermann!!

though now that I think it about it, I think it was actually already night oops

sun is rising maybe???

moorrrreee outfits for newt