k scouts newt and hermann!!

drawn as a postcard for the japanese newt/hermann anthology too wahoo

there was a tumblr post a few days ago about benny sleeping in a spaceship bed



i just wanted to draw it….

was trying to think of what i’ve been wanting to draw for a while, and then i remembered that i wanted to do some proper redesigns of newt’s uniform in the different kaiju forms

:V here’s onibaba and slattern! idk if i’ll get around the to the other ones or not….

more fanart of designations congruent with things by cleanwhiteroom!! was thinking about this scene for a really long time and finally got around to drawing it…..

based off of chapter 25 where newt tries to engage in epic rapport with hermann, though i probably made it a lot more trippy hahahha

I was commissioned by irisbleufic to draw a cover for her fic, Anthology!

Sorry for taking a bajillion years to finish!!!

wanted to draw something happy!!!

qwq best friends awooo

figured i’d put these in a new photoset for easier viewing…. baby otachi, yamarashi, and newt’s other tattoo sticker designs.

Had some space I needed to fill up per sheet, so I added a sticker of baby Otachi and Newt’s two arm tattoos!

Gonna get proofs and order a lotta of them to sell at cons and whatnot!

Sheets will be sized at 4x6”

:V originally from my kaiju clock, but yeah, will be turning these guys into stickers! might include a breach sticker, and possibly some other misc. things too idk

they’re also transparent ahuuhuuhuu

wahoo poster drawn for the japanese newt/hermann anthology!

i’ll probably make prints of this to sell myself too…..

wip’s for some more newt/hermann drawings for the anthology….. :V will finish these tomorrow and saturdayyyy

Second dialogue assignment

leaving it rough due to lack of time…..

audio was taken from the episode “Mac and Dennis: Manhunters”

various panels from pages 3-5

treating myself to drawing fanart of designations congruent with things by cleanwhiteroom after taking a teeny weeny break from the comic!!!