repost of that designations drawing

though after rereading this bit in the chapter, i realized too late that newt was actually lying down with his head in hermann’s lap OOP

:V the scribble requests from earlier today

sorry if i didn’t draw yours, i only drew what i could during that one class….

:^D otachi newt

uhhh spoilers for chapter 27 of designations? *w*;;;

this scene just made me very, very happy

more feral newt

it’s fun drawing people snarling/screaming….

some feral/kaiju-esque newt 8V

:Y more roughs

i think i have like 15-20 seconds left to rough….

:Y ideas for Charlie the Great King Rat

i would like to do a large drawing in time for Fanime if possible………..

some panels from an animatic assignment :V

i am weak and gave in to my urge to draw newt with flowers…..

:Y more roughs

:Y some sketchy Benny’s

yeah i really wanna draw Benny dressed up as a space girl

/adds to list of things to draw once school is over

i was suddenly reminded that i had brought back some very old sketchbooks of mine filled with very old drawings

these are all of Link, and the middle one I think I drew when I was like 10-ish?? so back in 2000?

and the other two in the corner where at different points in middle school I think….

more rough animating

:f needs more inbetweens….