more wip stuff

i guess i’m done roughing out my animation?? though a lot of said rough animation is just faceless figures so i’m gonna have to do a lot of cleanup…..

:Y more roughs

i think i have like 15-20 seconds left to rough….

:Y more roughs

more rough animating

:f needs more inbetweens….

:Y more backgrounds

might need to fix the shading to make them more consistent….?

progress waowoo

need animate some of the reflection still……

Tags: art animation wip

i animated this because im dumb


got 7 seconds roughed in like 6 hours? qwq 

in which i begin the slow slow process of roughing out my film

:V character designs for my 3rd year film (currently titled “A Date” though is subject to change)

will either exaggerate Christopher and Vivian’s design a leetle more to match Richard’s more cartoonish design, or tone down Richard’s design, idk….

:V a short animatic done for class, based on a segment from the short story “dracula’s guest”

NOTE the audio might be kinda loud, so would recommend turning down the volume….

Second dialogue assignment

leaving it rough due to lack of time…..

audio was taken from the episode “Mac and Dennis: Manhunters”

further progress on these two trash kids

the roughest roughs to ever rough this land

here is shitty animation of benny