film stuff that i rushed last night hahahaaaaaaa

Here is my 3rd year animated film at SVA, “I’ve Been Waiting”!

It’s a short little romantic story, I hope you guys will enjoy this!

Title sequence!! this was annoying to do haha

Oh yeah, I kept forgetting to upload this!

Animatic that I made for my class based on an excerpt from “The Circus of Dr. Lao”.

wish i could upload nicer gifs, but the files get too big when i try….

some of the finished shots (removed the BG in the first one to make the file smaller…)

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more wip stuff

i guess i’m done roughing out my animation?? though a lot of said rough animation is just faceless figures so i’m gonna have to do a lot of cleanup…..

:Y more roughs

i think i have like 15-20 seconds left to rough….

:Y more roughs

more rough animating

:f needs more inbetweens….

:Y more backgrounds

might need to fix the shading to make them more consistent….?

progress waowoo

need animate some of the reflection still……

Tags: art animation wip

i animated this because im dumb


got 7 seconds roughed in like 6 hours? qwq 

in which i begin the slow slow process of roughing out my film

:V character designs for my 3rd year film (currently titled “A Date” though is subject to change)

will either exaggerate Christopher and Vivian’s design a leetle more to match Richard’s more cartoonish design, or tone down Richard’s design, idk….