actually if i remember correctly pokeballs will not open if there is insufficent space.

But super villains can do anything…..


They actually address this a few times in the tv show, from what I remember of the original couple seasons. Pikachu doesn’t live in a Pokeball because it didn’t consent to it, and so Ash agreed to not put it in one. Some Pokemon make it obvious that they don’t want to fight, and ethical trainers don’t make them, but the same Pokemon that won’t fight might, for example, wish to be the companion of a human, or do other things with them - like the Pokemon in the Centers, who heal other sick/wounded Pokemon.

Pokemon have also been shown to gather into their own intelligent groups, like the Squirtle Squad, who went around policing crime of mostly their own volition. And then there’s Mewtwo, who rebelled against his creators, showed that he was superior, and found the errors in everyone’s ethics and blasted them to pieces. (The ethics, that is. Not to mention he almost killed Ash.)

And speaking of Ash, there are a few episodes where he makes a big deal out of showing everyone that when a Pokemon doesn’t want to battle any more, or when they no longer want to be a companion, he releases them. Even the games mention releasing Pokemon when they would like to be released, and the show makes a good point of showing that ethically positive people listen to their Pokemon and that the ones that don’t are ethically terrible and need to change.

The message that I gathered from it was that the ideal, wholly ethical situation was in trainers that listened to their Pokemon and did what their Pokemon needed them to do - a lot of Pokemon don’t live in Pokeballs, and they’ve mentioned a few times how the Pokeballs do cater to make a Pokemon happy and comfortable. In fact, the evidence points to the fact that trainers themselves, who only have their Pokemon fight, are not the majority of those who keep Pokemon, when in fact, it does seem like the vast majority of people keep Pokemon not as pets as we do with our cats and dogs, but as a symbiotic relationship that benefits both Pokemon and human.

WOW that turned out longer that I intended. orz

Oooh, I guess I don’t remember as much as I thought I did from the show haha. Those are good things for the show then! I guess there were quite a bit of people who didn’t use Pokemon for battling in the show now that you have triggered the memory inside my head.

Still, Pokeballs seem like something that can be abused easily (especially if people could get their hands on Master Balls) so I really do think they’d be illegal in the Pokevengers verse where there are tons of super villains who are also super geniuses.

And battling where human trainers lead a team of Pokemon would no longer exist. Instead, battling is very much a sport where there are Pokemon athletes who are super-stars and can sign contracts onto teams, and teams can battle it out. Coaches for these teams can be either Pokemon too or humans. :V Pokemon can train themselves if they want to make it to the big leagues! And that’s the main way that Pokemon battling still exists, though of course there is still Pokemon in the military (and they have to enlist), and in law enforcement and the like…. 

And my brain just wandered off again hahah whoops. Yeah, I think all those things that you pointed are really good from the anime! And are also a lot of things that I was thinking about it too so my bad for forgetting them entirely *w*;;; I guess what I was thinking just takes it to the next level so that people won’t even be allowed to capture Pokemon at all anymore (even if some people still try very hard to befriend them coughPhilcough) because it would violate rights. 

People still make friends with Pokemon, but the whole idea of using Pokeballs and forming teams will be completely banned.

yeah this turned out really long….

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Those are always really interesting questions! Personally, I compare them to dog crates, which seem really shocking if someone hasn’t been exposed to the idea before, but it’s safer for a lot of dogs and it creates a safe space for them that’s theirs

Yeah, I’ve read about dog crate training so I have an idea of how it works, though I never really managed with my dog….

Still, with Pokemon it’s very much about how intelligent they are and why they would agree to any of the stuff they’re subjected to. Pokemon seem to be much smarter than an average dog, so treating them like you would a pet just seems really wrong? And some Pokemon are totally capable of psychically communicating with humans with human speech (from the anime anyways) so why on earth would they suffer being told what to do in battles, or even battle in the first place? Don’t they have other things they’d rather be doing, other aspirations? 8U They have their own thoughts and feelings!

The theory with Pokeballs is, though, that the Pokeballs digitally encode the Pokemon like computer storage, so that they’re not crammed in a ball, but living in a miniature world until they get popped into the real world again.

Maybe, but the whole concept of catching Pokemon and having them live in an artificial world when it’s not convenient for them to be in the real world still sounds really sad to me? I mean, if I have to think really hard in real world terms about the repercussions of things that are okay in the game/anime world, consent issues seem like one of the biggest things. Because seriously, why would Pokemon ever consent to being captured from their homes by strangers who then go “BE MY FRIEND AND BATTLE ALONGSIDE ME”. Like, woah crazy, how about no, I’d like to go home now? Especially because Pokemon are depicted as creatures who understand what humans say and are very much capable of intelligent thought. And whoops went off on a bit of a tangent there.

BUT YEAH, even if Pokeballs are comfortable for whoever is inside it, it still, to me, very much represents a cage.

aaand these are the things I think about it….

However, I thought pokemon were all related, so couldn’t pokeballs be keyed in to a genetic marker that is shared by all pokemon but not humans?

But that’s just the thing, even if they did, what’s to stop a bad guy from keying it to human genetic data? If it could be keyed to Pokemon genes in the first place, it can be hacked and changed to whatever else people would want if they’ve got the brains.

wouldn’t pokeballs a way of transport in this verse make sense. imagine trying to fit all of your pokemon in a car. or imagine being in the military and trying to be sneaky with a big pokemon that’s not easily hidden.

Well, I guess it could become a matter of consent, though still I find the whole idea of “you can’t fit in this car, please go into this little trap ball so you will make life easier for me” still a very wrong way of thinking if you consider that Pokemon would hold equal, or at least near equal, rights as humans. I think more likely people will have to find better ways to accomodate Pokemon into their world so they can move around easier.

Also, thinking about it some more, Pokeballs could totally be used on humans too, which is why usage of them would be super constricted. If tampered with, people could use Pokeballs to kidnap and/or transport people illegally. 8V Really, the amount of bad stuff that Pokeballs could be capable of is quite large.

But yeah, stuff with the military could use pokeballs (but again, it would require a lot of paperwork and shit to okay), but I think in this case, humans would also be transported in there too? Because really, why not. Get a small sneaky Pokemon with limbs/hands that are nimble enough to handle Pokeballs to carry in a pack of Pokeballs and release all the humans/Pokemon in a secure area and presto, easy, secretive transport! And again it would also be why Pokeballs would be illegal for regular people because can you imagine what sort of things people could do if they could transport armed people through spaces the size of a baseball? Too many terrible things!

Anonymous said: If you base the Pokevengers partially off the anime, would characters from the anime make cameo appearances? If so which characters and where exactly would they be?

The Pokevengers is, to me, only crossed over in that the Pokemon exist in the world of Avengers. Having the anime or game characters exist in the Avengers world is weird to me because when I thought up all the stories for the universe, it’s got a lot more real world issues that would just be incompatible with how the anime/game world of Pokemon works.

Like, I put the reality of the Avengers universe ahead of the reality of the Pokemon one, so using/catching Pokemon and making them battle each other, and having little children go on their own adventures to be the ultimate Pokemon master would not work. There would totally be Pokemon rights activists who would fight against it, and I think by modern times Pokemon would have their own rights because they clearly have intelligence on par with humans?? If not even greater when it comes to psychic types if what the Pokedex claims is true? I think, in this universe, Pokemon battling was once upon a time a thing that happened, but it was abolished and gyms and the elite four are remnants of the past. Instead they have competitions/sports that Pokemon can enter themselves? And be paid for it so it’s an actual profession to go into battling and not something that is forced upon them? And pokeballs could still exist, but they’re illegal, or can only be used under very strict and official conditions (maybe wartime or whatever), because their purpose is to capture which is BAD (like Pokemon poaching would totally still exist but it’s basically on par with murder/kidnapping), which is also why Bruce feels major bad whenever he had to use them when he was on the run. So, yeah, anime/game characters wouldn’t really appear in Pokevengers…..


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Anonymous said: What do Steve and Bruce think of Mewtwo? (Considering all three have been genetically altered by Science) Do any of them have a distant connection to each other?

Hrmmm, I think Steve and Mewtwo respect each other, but aren’t that close since the way they became who they are is pretty different (one willingly chose to be changed, the other created entirely from birth by scientists thus no choice). They could be friends, but it would require a lot more effort on Steve’s part.

Mewtwo has a deeper relationship with Bruce/Hulk who understands Mewtwo a lot more on both an intellectual and emotional level. :V They can be pretty zen together.

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Anonymous said: Was Steve’s Shieldon frozen as a fossil then revived? or was he frozen as the way he was? What was Shieldon’s reaction to being in the future?

Shieldon was just revived from a fossil, so she was hatched from an egg in present time. :V So yeah, no reaction to being in the future since that’s all she’s ever known!

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Anonymous said: Since Mewtwo works for SHIELD, does Genesect also work for SHIELD? How would he be recruited and would Mewtwo help in this situation?

Ummm, I dunno! I’m assuming you’re asking this because of the movie?? Which I haven’t watched, but read a little about on the wiki. I don’t know what Mewtwo’s confrontation with Genesect is about, but I’m guessing it’s the “being used by humans” thing? I’d like to think Fury would invite Genesect to SHIELD too, with Mewtwo as liaison. 

And if not Fury, then maybe Tony who’d worm his way to Genesect and try to figure out the tech that’s been fused with him haha.

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Anonymous said: I would love to see a suit of armor for ninetales, even just little paw things like Tony has when he's working on suits, I honestly think that Tony would have built suits for all of his pokemon like he built suits for the people closest to him.

Hmmm maybe! I could see some light armor for Ninetales, and various other protection for his other Pokemon, though probably not whole suits except for his Rotom since he doesn’t actually have a body :V

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Anonymous said: If Loki had a phase two on his plan to take over the world, would he summon Dialga, Palkia, & Giratina, brainwash them, and use them to take over the world? How would he do this and how would the Avengers deal with it?

[I should preface this by saying my ideas are mostly based off of the MCU verse and my own ideas of the Pokevengers verse!!]

Hrmm, I don’t think he would (or could). Those guys are all godly Pokemon and won’t suffer brainwash so easily. That’d be like if Loki just summoned up some other gods from Asgard and brainwashed them? Which would be pretty cheap and overpowered imo.

He seems like the kind of guy who makes deals to squirrel his way out of trouble when he confronts people who are more physically powerful than he is.

:V He could brainwash some weaker Pokemon though, maybe semi-legendary types.

And on the off-chance the Avengers were forced to fight against those legendaries because of Loki (who I guess would use ~*~magic~*~ to bind them under his control), I think Asgard would have to step in because legendaries like Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, who are rulers of time, space, and other dimensions, are godly figures that are very much tied to their world and Yggdrasil. You mess around with them, and you could jeopardize all the worlds, ya know?

So the Avengers would have Asgard backing them up to stop Loki from fucking everything up for everyone!

8V And those are my Pokevenger thoughts!

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Thor’s team fully evolved!

Electric types become significantly more powerful when in Thor’s presence. They tend to cause a lot of explosions where ever they go….

Thor’s team fully evolved!

Electric types become significantly more powerful when in Thor’s presence. They tend to cause a lot of explosions where ever they go….

I just imagine Bruce being a single dad in college with Betty coming by to help out sometimes…..

I just imagine Bruce being a single dad in college with Betty coming by to help out sometimes…..

And suddenly more Pokevengers! Suddenly got thinking about it again when that weird explosion of it getting reposted everywhere happened.
So here’s Tony who’s built a body for Rotom. :D His sidekick in battle!

And suddenly more Pokevengers! Suddenly got thinking about it again when that weird explosion of it getting reposted everywhere happened.

So here’s Tony who’s built a body for Rotom. :D His sidekick in battle!