The K-Science Scouts! Decided to make them younger since I thought it’d fit the AU better hehe

Only have a rough story behind this so far, but it’s still pretty long since I also have more stuff written about their powers, so it’ll be behind a cut!!

There’s an evil alien group called the Precursors who have enslaved a group of spirits known as the kaiju. Hermann, who’s been a magical boy for 1-2 years already, is told by some higher up (Pentecost? idk) in the magical scouts society that there’s a new scout somewhere who has the power to bind the kaiju to themselves and that he needs to find this person so they can put a stop to the Precursors.

Hermann, using his powers, manages to locate Newt, who has just come into his powers, and finds out that they’re actually going to the same college and are both child geniuses. They get on poorly, but they’re still forced to work together because Newt’s a newbie and Hermann knows he needs Newt to put a stop to the Precursors.

Eventually when they come across their first kaiju, Otachi, they find out that they really do need to work together because Newt can’t bind the kaiju to himself on his own; he needs Hermann’s power to unlock their old bonds before he can form a new contract.

Together, they bring down Otachi and form a new contract with her and her baby, Kodachi, and gains his first magical tattoo that is the binding seal. After this, they continue on many adventures to collect the rest of the kaiju…!!!

The only kaiju that Newt can summon on his own at first is Kodachi. For all the other ones, he needs Hermann’s help because the power required is too great. Eventually as he grows older and more powerful, he starts to be able to summon them on his own.

Newt’s ability to analyze foes can detect both physical and mental weaknesses. Mental attacks are more straining on Newt though so he usually sticks to finding just physical ones since exploiting them with his scalpel is much less taxing.

Hermann, if given enough time, can create an entire jaeger through his drawings. His portals also take time to be formed and are meant for pre-planned travel since he can only open them to locations that he’s personally been to before.

Kodachi can also turn into a chibi form and is Newt’s main familiar. In his larger form, Newt can ride him into battle!

And yeah, that’s what I spent the last day or so thinking about….