and i was thinking about reading Hell’s Kitchen too, but then I read that they had a segment with eating whale meat and just


not interested anymore…..


I want LEGO Pacific Rim 

aaaaa so cute!!! I want them too!!


I want LEGO Pacific Rim 

aaaaa so cute!!! I want them too!!

Aaaahhh sorryyyyyy; I didn’t notice these details!!

!!! aa don’t worry about, despite all of these problems, it is an entertaining series to read! u___u i am a sucker for manga like this, i’m not gonna lie, i love stories about super genius underdog rising up and dominating everything

i just wish it was more equal opportunity, y’know?!

shit i just stayed up and marathoned all of shokugeki no soma….. 

it’s a pretty entertaining shonen series, but ughhh all the female characters are always brushed aside for the male ones, it’s soooo annoying :/

it’s like so many of them are portrayed as ambitious who want to be #1, but you just know they’re never gonna achieve their goal because the mangaka clearly think only the men have the actual skill/strength/determination to win >8( it really sucks!!!

like they already had one female character who wanted to be #1, who wanted to show the male chefs she worked with that she was worthy of respect in the kitchen and to not be discriminated against because she was a woman, BUT WOW GUESS WHAT, SHE LOST REALLY EARLY ON IN THE COMPETITION!!!!

and the last 4 left in the competition are all male, wadda surprise!!! >8/


I’m reading Shokugeki no Soma and I’m just like

I want chef Ramsay to show up lmao

the-mind-races said: So I just found you Newt the small mother AU and it's 3:30 in the morning and I'm squealing quietly in my room so I don't wake my family and I just can't handle this it's so adorable but then Hans getting old fast and I have a lot of feelings and will probably end up drawing fanart, just a heads up and just. Oh goodness. It's hella adorable. Your art is amazing.

Awww thank you!!! *0* And omg yay fanart!!!! I can’t wait!

wanted to do some lineless fashionista newt

Ahhh you watch HxH?! I don’t know why but this makes me so happy!

Hunter x Hunter is one of my favorite series of all time!!!! I’ve been following it for years and god it’s just amazing I love it!!!! q_____q

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omg they gave Pariston a golden sparkly suit in the anime


Tsubone from Hunter x Hunter is so cool

like dang

super tough giant grandma butler *o*



I am currently taking a limited amount of commissions (6 slots total!). After I get 6 I will close commissions again until I have finished everything.


- Prices are listed in USD

- I accept payment through ONLY Paypal

- I don’t draw porn

- Payment is required before I start on a commission. HOWEVER if you commission something big, I am willing to take half payment up front and then the rest after I’ve finished.

- I generally finish commissions 1-3 weeks after receiving them, but depending on my schedule, it can take up to a month.

- If you feel like a commission is taking too long and you are no longer interested, a refund is available if I have not started on it yet. 

- You must provide reference for your characters.

 If interested, send me an email at sirius_theblackdog[at]yahoo[dot]com with the heading “Commission”, and include what kind of commission you would like.

hello friends i am opening commissions again

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hamishmash said: Some episodes are shot for shot remakes... which is awkward because they adapt Carmen and I feel the REAL gang have grown out of some of those dodgy transphobic jokes they did 10 years ago. While one episode was completely new but based on a few. In general, I can't quite tell if the Russian versions knows that we're not supposed to support the Gang... in the Russian version they seem to be making jokes more at the expense of others then at the expense of the gang. Also, Mac is the shortest..

oooh that is really weird haha

and yeesh, that is pretty bad if they think the Gang’s supposed to be cool >____>;;;

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I’ve watched 3 episodes and its weeeeird

hahahah omg really

like how weird?!

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Anonymous said: About that Russian version of it's always sunny... They are actually making fun of gays. Make them look like total idiots. But they do it in a sarcastic way. Some idiots probably think it's gay propaganda but actually it's the whole opposite.

Awww really?? Like the Russian version of the Gang are gay, or they’re homophobic??

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